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What a difficult task, to talk about yourself and to say who you are!

I will start at the beginning: my name is Claire and I am a physical person!


I am based in Southern France (Gard department) in the city of Uzès where I can welcome you in my office. I also practice by phone for those who can not meet me in person.


For more than twenty years I have put all my mediumistic abilities at the service of those who need them in order to enlighten them, to help them and to advance them on the path that is destined for them. At the same time, I am able to carry hypnosis and past-life therapy to remove persistent blockages and addictions.


I am also accredited to help you benefit from "Reconnection" and Reconnective Care (detailed explanations on the site). I have a passion for nature and animals and it is through Intuitive Animal Communication (pets, wild animals, dead animals) that I can get in touch with them to better help you understand them and love them .


In conclusion, I can say that it is with passion that I exercise and with great pleasure that I transmit to you, through my conferences, my workshops and my internships, all this knowledge and experiences acquired over the years.


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